Best answer: Did Patton fight Rommel in North Africa?

What race is North Africa?

The largest ethnic groups in North Africa are Arabs, Berbers are considered the second largest ethnicity in north africa and West Africans are the largest ethnicity in the west and the Arabs are a majority also in the east approaching the Middle East.

How long did Patton live after accident?

Severely injured in an auto accident, he died in Germany twelve days later, on December 21, 1945.

Did Patton really read Rommel’s book?

But here’s the real point: *General Patton never really said that. General Rommel never wrote that book. The real truth, revealed through research; is that Rommel did indeed write a widely circulated book about infantry tactics, and he planned on writing a book about tank tactics — but he never did.

Did Patton beat Montgomery to Messina?

U.S. General George S. Patton and his 7th Army arrive in Messina several hours before British Field Marshal Bernard L. Montgomery and his 8th Army, winning the unofficial “Race to Messina” and completing the Allied conquest of Sicily.

Why did the Allies decide to invade North Africa and Italy?

The allies decided to invade North Africa and Italy because, the African troops were part of Germany and a Hitler idea. Italy was the soft underbelly of the Axis powers, and if they took control of Italy, that would be a big supporter of the axis powers, no longer existing.

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