Best answer: What does hey mean in South Africa?

Why do South Africans say Chyna?

“My China” is the cockney rhyming slang for “China plate” (meaning “my mate”). In South Africa, My China means a friend/mate.

What does pus mean in South African?

Noun. poes. (South Africa, vulgar, slang) The female genitalia.

How do you say what’s up in South Africa?

Hola Seven – This can be heard in JHB – A slang way of say What’s up – used predominantly by the Youth. Thobela – Thobela means “How are you?” It’s a formal way to greet someone in Pedi. Dumela (Setswana) – Mainly used with the Tswana people, this can also be used to greet a South African.

What kind of slang is South Africa?

South African slang everyone should know

  • Ag, man! [ ach—mun] …
  • Aikona! [ eye-koh-na] …
  • Babbelas [bub-ba-las] Derived from the Zulu word ‘ibhabhalazi’, it is used to describe a bad hangover.
  • Biltong [bill—tong] …
  • Bobotie [buh-boor-tea] …
  • Bliksem [bluhk–sim] …
  • Boet [no other way to say it but for “boet”] …
  • Boerewors [boor-uh-vors]

What does Dala mean?

Dala (dah-lah): This one is tricky, because it has more than one meaning. It could mean ‘fight’, ‘to kiss’ or ‘to do’. The most common phrase used is “Dala what you must” that means “do what you must”

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What does Wowza mean in South Africa?

Wo-Za-lapa! Come Come! Come here!

What does ne mean in South Africa?

Forms: ne, nèShow more. Origin: Afrikaans. colloquial. An interrogative particle, ‘isn’t that so?

What does just now mean in South Africa?

3. Just now or Now now. You will most likely hear South Africans use the phrase, “now now” or “just now”, which means that they will do what you asked, but not immediately. It may sound weird – but it makes complete sense in South Africa.

What does Danko mean in South Africa?

Danko is the same as Afrikaans word dankie which symbolises acceptance and appreciation, it basically means thank you. The South African government said Danko to everyone who got vaccinated. by: Colani, 23 September 2021.

How do you say cool in SA?

Kief [kif], derived from Arabic (kayf), means cool, great, awesome or neat. Eg. ‘That’s a kief car!