Best answer: What is the rarest African Violet?

Are African violets really from Africa?

Bright indirect light is a must.

African violets (Saintpaulia ionantha) are native to rainforests in the mountains of eastern African countries like Tanzania. They are low-growing plants, thriving in the shade of other vegetation. In their native environments, direct light never touches their leaves.

What is the easiest African violet to grow?

Trailing African violets are perhaps the easiest to grow and bloom, especially for the novice. They are naturally branching, spreading, plants that can left to do their ‘own thing’. No need to remove suckers to keep symmetry or encourage blooming.

Can you eat African violets?

NOT CONSIDERED EDIBLE: From the San Francisco Chronicle: “Though African violets are not known to be toxic, it is generally never a good idea to let a child [or pet] chow down on any houseplant, as individuals may have varying sensitivities to the plant’s sap or hairy leaves . . .

Why do African violets sparkle?

Violet Sugar for the Holidays

A bright light source makes the trait stand out more too. That’s why you’ll often notice the sparkle on plants in sunlight or under a bright spot light. The sparkle may be captured somewhat unintentionally when using flash during photography.

Should you deadhead African violets?

Deadhead African violets to encourage more blooms. African violets make useful flowering houseplants since they can bloom for up to nine months per year. They do need the other three months off as a rest period. As with any plant, proper care is essential to maximize both the plant’s health and blooms.

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What is so special about African violets?

African violets are perhaps the most popular flowering houseplants grown in the world today. There are many reasons for this: The plants generally flower the year round, giving an almost continuous display of blooms. They require the same temperatures humans find comfortable, making them easy to raise in our homes.

How often should I water African violets?

“How often to water African violets?” is perhaps the most pondered African violet dilemma. The best guide is to feel the top of the soil: if it is dry to the touch, then it is time to water. African violets should be allowed to dry out between each watering for best results. Overwatering can kill a plant.

Do African violets like to be crowded?

Violets need to feel crowded to bloom, but when a plant gets too big for its pot, divide the plant’s separate-looking leaf heads. When you repot, tease the roots apart and plant in room-temperature potting soil.