Best answer: Which nation hosted the World Cup in 2010 becoming the first African nation do to so?

Who won the 2010 World Cup Africa?

How far did South Africa get in the 2010 World Cup?

During the 2010 World Cup in South Africa, they beat France 2–1 and drew 1–1 to Mexico, but lost 0–3 to Uruguay. They lost out on progression to the round of 16, on goal difference.

Why is it called World Cup?

Originally called “Victory”, but generally known simply as the World Cup or Coupe du Monde, it was renamed in 1946 to honour the FIFA President Jules Rimet who in 1929 passed a vote to initiate the competition.

Who won World Cup 1942?

Winners List

Hosts Winner Score
1950 Brazil Uruguay Uruguay 2-1 Brazil
1946 not held
1942 not held
1938 France Italy Italy 4-2 Hungary
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