Frequent question: Why did the East African city states became important trading centers?

Why was East Africa an important trading center?

Trade thrived in East Africa because the region supplied gold and ivory that was scarce outside Africa. In return, Muslim traders from Arabia brought luxury goods that could not be found in Africa.

What did African city-states do to increase trade on the east coast of Africa?

Ironworking had evolved in East Africa before the rise of the city states. They improved the process and produced iron objects for trade as well as local use. Archaeology studies provide evidence that the city states carried on a flourishing long distance trade with Persia, India, and China.

How did trading States rise in East Africa?

How did trade lead to the rise of coastal city-states in East Africa? –sailors learned to take advantage of monsoon einds to help them move around Indian Ocean. trade network developed b/t Peria/Arabia/India/SE Asia, +East Africa. The coastal city-states grew wealthy + thriving.

How did trade start in East Africa?

Trade in the East African interior began in African hands. In the southern regions Bisa, Yao, Fipa, and Nyamwezi traders were long active over a wide area. By the early 19th century Kamba traders had begun regularly to move northwestward between the Rift Valley and the sea.

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What effect did trade have on East Africa?

How did trade affect the peoples of East Africa? It expanded their territory and increased the creation of city-states. It also brought business for other important goods needed in the area.

What is the conflict in East Africa?

Eastern Africa is a region that has been tremendously affected by conflict. Unfortunately, nations like Sudan and Somalia have been torn apart by many years of conflict. This has inevitably led to other societal challenges or difficulties, such as displacements, poverty, and famine.

Why did African trade routes shifted east?

Why did the African trade routes shift to the east several times? … it spread by conquest and through trade. What was the chief means of social and political organization in African stateless societies?

What is the religion of Swahili?

This group was known as the Shirazi. Today, most Swahili people are Sunni Muslims. It is the largest group within the religion of Islam. The Swahili Coast peaked during the medieval period.

How did Swahili became the culture of East Africa?

Around the 8th century, the Swahili people engaged in the Indian Ocean trade. As a consequence, they were influenced by Arabic, Persian, Indian, and Chinese cultures. … It is the mixture of Perso-Arab and Bantu cultures in Kilwa that is credited for creating Swahili as a distinctive East African culture and language.

What was the source of great Zimbabwe’s wealth?

The wealth of Great Zimbabwe lay in cattle production and gold.

Who helped East African rulers build strong city states?

World History Ch 11

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Question Answer
One of the reasons Ethiopia maintained its independence was its: Christian unity
What factor enabled ships to sail between India and Africa? monsoon winds
The successful East African international trade system: helped rulers build strong city-states