How did cacao come to Africa?

Is cocoa native to Africa?

History. The cacao tree is native to the Amazon rainforest. It was first domesticated 5,300 years ago, in equatorial South America, before being introduced in Central America by the Olmecs (Mexico). … It also grows in the foothills of the Andes in the Amazon and Orinoco basins of South America, in Colombia and Venezuela.

When did cocoa move to Africa?

Growing cacao beans in Africa

By 1819, Christian missionaries brought cacao beans to West Africa to grow there, because West Africa had the same rainy, hot climate as Central America, and there weren’t any wars there.

Why is cocoa grown in Africa?

Cocoa needs a high temperature, plenty of water, and air that is always moist. Therefore, cocoa is grown in the hot and humid regions of Africa (mainly in forest regions), Central and South America, Asia and Oceania.

How did cocoa farming end up in Africa?

In West Africa, cocoa has historically been cultivated using slash and burn farming. Forest was cut down and burned before planting, and then, when the plot became infertile, the farmer moved to fresh forestland and did the same again.

Which country is the highest producer of cocoa in Africa?

The Ivory Coast and Ghana are by far the two largest producers of cocoa, accounting for more than 50 percent of the world´s cocoa. In 2016, the Ivory Coast alone produced approximately 1.6 million metric tons of cocoa beans.

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Who brought chocolate to Africa?

In Nigeria, the position is very similar to that of the Gold Coast. For cocoa is alleged to have been first introduced there by a native chief called “Squiss Banego” in 1874—also from Fernando Po. He established a cocoa farm in the Bonny district and cultivation spread.

Who is the largest consumer of cocoa in Europe?

6.12 kgs, with the largest consumers being in Romania (15.44 kgs), Germany (11.34 kgs), the UK (10.94 kgs), Denmark (7.39 kgs), Finland (6.84 kgs), France (6.42 kgs) and others.