How do you spell Kenya in Africa?

How do you spell Kenya?

a republic in E Africa: member of the Commonwealth of Nations; formerly a British crown colony and protectorate. 223,478 sq. mi.

Why is Kenya sometimes pronounced Keenya?

“Kenya” or “Keenya”? … The colonial pronunciation was closer to the original name of Mount Kenya, “Kirinyaga”. This was abbreviated to “Ki-nya”, spelt Kenya, which came to be pronounced with a short “e”. When Jomo Kenyatta became president after independence, the pure coincidence of his surname was exploited.

Who named Kenya?

Etymology. The Republic of Kenya is named after Mount Kenya. The earliest recorded version of the modern name was written by German explorer Johann Ludwig Krapf in the 19th century.

What is the full meaning of Kenya?

KENYA. Keep Everything Nice Yet Arousing.

Is Kenya a poor country?

Although Kenya’s economy is the largest and most developed in eastern and central Africa, 36.1% (2015/2016) of its population lives below the international poverty line. This severe poverty is mainly caused by economic inequality, government corruption and health problems.

Why are people named Kenya?

Kenya is named after a mountain of the same name. The Kikuyu people who lived around present day Mt Kenya referred to it as Kirinyaga or Kerenyaga, meaning ‘mountain of whiteness’ because of its snow capped peak. … However, the name Kenya arose out of the inability of the British to pronounce Kirinyaga correctly.

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Is Kenya a girl name?

The name Kenya is primarily a female name of Hebrew origin that means Animal Horn. Country in Africa.

Is Kenya pronounced or Keenya?

About that time, too, the pronunciation of Kenya changed to Kenya (Keenya). In accordance with Bantu orthography which governs the spelling of place-names in East Africa the e sound is represented by the letter i, as in the cases, for example, of Kilindini, Kikuyu, Kisumu.

How do the British pronounce Kenya?

Below is the UK transcription for ‘kenya’: Modern IPA: kɛ́njə Traditional IPA: ˈkenjə 2 syllables: “KEN” + “yuh”

What is Kenya most known for?

Kenya, country in East Africa famed for its scenic landscapes and vast wildlife preserves. Its Indian Ocean coast provided historically important ports by which goods from Arabian and Asian traders have entered the continent for many centuries.

What makes Kenya special?

With a rich cultural diversity to ignite humanity, Kenyan people are multifaceted and friendly. An array of languages, customs, arts and music, food and dress – there is a tender sense of community but also an altruistic sense of individualism.