How long has Vodacom been in South Africa?

How many Vodacom customers does South Africa have?

The statistic shows the number of mobile subscribers of mobile network operators in South Africa from 2017 to 2019. In 2019, Vodacom had 43.2 million mobile subscribers.

Does Telkom own Vodacom?

History. It was owned in a 50/50 partnership by the South African telecommunications giant Telkom and British multinational operator Vodafone. … Vodacom is the leading cellular network in South Africa with an estimated market share of 58% and more than 103 million customers across Africa.

Which country is Vodafone from?

Who is the CEO of Vodacom South Africa?

Who invented Vodacom?

Is Vodacom a good investment?

Vodacom is an historically strong share which continues to deliver steady gains for shareholders who purchase them. Vodacom shares are considered to be a solid buy which delivers good yields in the long term.

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