How much beef does South Africa import?

Is beef imported to South Africa?

South Africa imported approximately 1 257 tons of beef per month, while it exported 2 620 tons on average. The annual average import quantity is approximately 15 086 tons, while exports added up to 31 439 tons per annum.

How much meat does South Africa import?

In 2019, South Africa imported 539,000 tons of chicken meat in 2019 to augment local production. This represents a 5 percent decrease from the previous year.

Does South Africa import or export beef?

South Africa exported 32 000 tons of beef in 2017 yielding an export value of R1. 4 billion. There was a significant decrease of 18% of quantity of beef exported during the period 2017 as compared to 2016 and export value showed an decrease of 24% during 2017 relative to 2016.

What percentage of meat is imported in South Africa each year?

South Africa’s imports of beef and beef products is relatively small compared to global trade and only represents about 0.4 percent of world imports of beef in volume and 0.2 percent in value.

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Where does South Africa import beef from?

Source: RPO (2019)

The majority of red meat imported into South Africa came from countries such as France, Australia, Canada and Brazil (Trade Map, 2020) while the majority of red meat were exported to countries such as Lesotho, Mozambique, Namibia and United Arab Emirates (USDA, 2019).

Is South African beef safe?

South Africa has a good animal disease status and independent inspections of meat and cattle handling facilities ensure good quality beef and a high level of consumer trust.

Where does South Africa import meat from?

South Africa’s meat imports reached US$689.23 million in 2018. Namibia was the main supplier of processed meat, constituting 38.5% of all processed meat imports in 2017, followed by Italy, Germany, and Brazil with a share value of 20.4%, 11.6%, and 10.9% respectively.

Does South Africa export meat?

South Africa is a net exporter of beef, but also imports relatively large volumes of this meat. This means that there is effectively a national oversupply of beef and it therefore makes sense to increase exports.

Does South Africa import meat?

In 2018, South Africa imported almost 520,000 tonnes of chicken meat to augment local production, up of 2% from 2017. … Frozen bone-in chicken and mechanically deboned meat are the leading imported products. Brazil is the major supplier of chicken meat to South Africa with more than 60% share in the import market.

Does South Africa import or export fruit?

The country’s fresh fruit industry is currently the largest exporter of agricultural products, contributing 52% of the value of South Africa’s agriculture export basket. It also represents 28% of total employment in agriculture.

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Which countries does South Africa export to?

Main export partners are: China (9.7 percent of total exports), the United States (7.5 percent), Germany (7.1 percent), India (4.7 percent), Japan (4.7 percent) and Botswana (4.3 percent). Others include Namibia, the UK, Mozambique and Netherlands.

Does South Africa export pork?

Export competitiveness

The fourth largest South African meat export category is pork meat (HS 0203) to the export value of USD 18.4 million, but with a very low percentage of world trade of 0.1% and therefore still very emerging from a supply point of view with a fairly low competitive advantage at this stage.