How much does South Africa rely on coal?

Why does South Africa rely on coal?

SA has abundant coal reserves. Coal-fired power stations are reliable. South Africa’s infrastructure to generate electricity from coal is well established. Burning coal is the most cost-effective and energy efficient way of generating electricity.

How much coal is used in South Africa?

Coal Consumption in South Africa

South Africa consumes 202,298,474 Tons (short tons, “st”) of Coal per year as of the year 2016. South Africa ranks 7th in the world for Coal consumption, accounting for about 17.8% of the world’s total consumption of 1,139,471,430 tons.

How does coal contribute to South Africa’s economy?

remains a critically important source of primary energy (electricity and liquid fuels) that drives South Africa’s economy. In 2018, the coal industry produced 252.6 million t of coal, generated sales of R139. 4 billion (49% through exports) and paid R1. 6 billion in royalties.

What is the most important use of coal in South Africa?

South Africa’s indigenous energy resource base is dominated by coal. Internationally, coal is the most widely used primary fuel, accounting for about 36 percent of the total fuel consumption of the world’s electricity production. About 77 percent of South Africa’s primary energy needs are provided by coal.

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Where is the most coal found in South Africa?

South Africa’s coal resources are contained in the Ecca deposits, a stratum of the Karoo Supergroup. There are 19 coalfields in the country and they are largely located in the north- eastern quarter of the country, i.e. Mpumalanga, Limpopo and extend to KwaZulu-Natal and the Free State.

Is there a shortage of coal in South Africa?

South Africa’s coal reserves are estimated at 53 billion tonnes, and with our present production rate there should be almost 200 years of coal supply left.

Does South Africa export coal?

In addition to the extensive use of coal in the domestic economy, about 28 percent of South Africa’s production is exported, mainly through the Richards Bay Coal Terminal, making South Africa the fourth-largest coal exporting country in the world.