Is Amare an African name?

What does the name Amare mean?

The name Amare is primarily a gender-neutral name of Indian origin that means Immortal.

What nationality is the name Amare?

The name Amare is a boy’s name meaning “handsome”. Originating in Ethiopia, this warm-feeling name is now associated with Phoenix Suns basketball player Amare Stoudemire.

Is Amari an African name?

The name Amari is said to mean “eternal,” and has roots in several languages: Hebrew, Thai, and Yoruba (it’s also used as a Japanese surname).

What are real African names?

Popular Baby Names , origin african

Name Meaning Origin
Abdalla Servant of God. (Swahili). African
Abdu Worshiper of God African
Abebe Asked for (Nigerian). African
Abebi Asked for (Nigerian). African

Is Amare a common name?

The masculine name Amare first appeared on the American charts in 2005 as the basketball star’s career was taking off. The name entered the charts at an impressive ranking of #630 – not popular by any means, but respectable first time position nonetheless. … There’s just something very affirming about the name Amare.

What does amere mean?

Meaning of the name Amere. A variant for Amir which has different derivations. In Hebrew it means “treetop” and in Arabic it means “Prince” as well as “prosperous.” Origin of the name Amere.

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Is Amari a rare name?

Amari is primarily a gender-neutral name of American origin that means that means Unknown. Graceful; Beautiful. This is an uncommon name for a baby boy.

Is Amari an Indian name?

Amari is a recent American coinage and a gender-neutral name (it is also used with light frequency in Australia; mostly for boys). … Secondly, Amari is often considered a Hindu name from the Sanskrit अमर (“amar”) meaning “immortal, eternal”. Finally, the masculine name ‘Ammar (عمّار) means “virtuous, pious” in Arabic.

What does Amari mean for a boy?

Amari Origin and Meaning

The name Amari is a boy’s name of Hebrew, Yoruba, Thai origin meaning “eternal”. An originally male name also used for girls, mostly because of its soft sound and vowel ending.