Is identity theft a crime in South Africa?

What is the punishment for identity theft in South Africa?

“Thieves are usually charged with common law crimes such as fraud or forgery and first-time offenders could face up to 15 years in prison where amounts involved exceed R500 000. Subsequent offenders could face punishment of 20 to 25 years or more” confirms Nagtegaal.

What do I do if my identity is stolen South Africa?

It’s also important to report the fraud to the Southern African Fraud Prevention Service (SAFPS) (Helpline: 0860 101 248). If your ID book and other sensitive documents have been lost or stolen, register them with the SAFBS via phone (011 867 2234), email or online web form.

What is the crime when someone steals your identity?

Fraudulent Intent

You can commit identity fraud even if you never actually benefit from your actions. Identity theft occurs when you obtain, possess, or use someone else’s information with the intent to later fraudulently use that information to your benefit.

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Is identity theft a crime?

ID theft is not a crime, only the action of using false ID to attempt to obtain credit is.

How can I check if someone is using my identity in South Africa?

Check online for duplicate ID

  1. You can now check online if you share an Identity. Document (ID) number with other people. …
  2. Alternatively, you can send an SMS to 32551. with the letter D (for duplicate) followed by your ID number.
  3. The Department will also publish names of. …
  4. Addressing a media briefing, Home Affairs.

How do I know if I have identity theft?

What you can do to detect identity theft

  1. Track what bills you owe and when they’re due. If you stop getting a bill, that could be a sign that someone changed your billing address.
  2. Review your bills. …
  3. Check your bank account statement. …
  4. Get and review your credit reports.

How do I clear my name after identity theft?

To clear arrest records due to identity theft, you must petition the court for a Judicial Finding of Factual Innocence and inquire about a petition to expunge your criminal record.

What can someone do with your ID number in South Africa?

finance or even commit a crime using your identity.” Popular targets for fraudsters include retail accounts, mobile phone contracts and bank accounts, but ID thieves have also been known to intercept employment application or credit applications and use those documents to steal identities.

How can I protect my identity from being stolen?

11 ways to prevent identity theft

  1. Freeze your credit. …
  2. Safeguard your Social Security number. …
  3. Be alert to phishing and spoofing. …
  4. Use strong passwords and add an authentication step. …
  5. Use alerts. …
  6. Watch your mailbox. …
  7. Shred, shred, shred. …
  8. Use a digital wallet.
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What might Identity thieves do with your identity?

Identity thieves can steal your personal information directly or indirectly by: … Stealing your mail including credit and bank statements, phone or utility bills, new checks, and tax information. • Completing a “change of address form” to redirect the destination of your mail.

What are the 5 most common types of identity theft?

Here are the five most common types:

  • Driver’s license ID Theft. The information on your stolen driver’s license provides your name, address, and date of birth, as well as a State driver’s identity number. …
  • Social Security ID Theft. …
  • Medical ID Theft. …
  • Character/Criminal ID Theft. …
  • Financial ID Theft.

What do you need to steal someone’s identity?


Identity theft begins when someone takes your personally identifiable information such as your name, Social Security Number, date of birth, your mother’s maiden name, and your address to use it, without your knowledge or permission, for their personal financial gain.