Quick Answer: What were the aims of African traditional education?

What are the aims and objectives of African traditional education?

The aim of Traditional African education is multilateral and the objective is to produce an individual who is honest respectable, skilled, co-operative and conforms to the social order of the day.

What were the aims of traditional education?

The primary purpose of traditional education is to transmit to a next generation those skills, facts, and standards of moral and social conduct that adults consider to be necessary for the next generation’s material a.

What are the aims of African indigenous education?

Goals of indigenous education Fafunwa (1974) claimed that the aim of indigenous African education is multilateral and the end objective is to produce an individual who is honest, respectable, skilled, and cooperative conforms .to the social order of the day.

What are the African traditional education?

Refers to the aims, objectives, contents, processes, practices, structures and knowledge production strategies through which pre-colonial Africans, as individuals and groups, acquired knowledge, skills, and values needed for the sustenance and growth of the self, family and community.

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What is traditional system of education?

Traditional education means education in which instruction takes place between an instructor and students where both the instructor and students [all ]are physically present in the same classroom.

What is the concept of traditional teaching?

Traditional method of teaching is when a teacher directs students to learn through memorization and recitation techniques thereby not developing Critical thinking, Problem Solving, and Decision making skills, just like @Ibraheem Kadhom Faroun as defined it.

What was the two main objectives of colonial education?

Colonial education intended to reduce illiteracy and add skills to African people who could operate in different activities directed. Education aimed to produce African elite who could work on the side of the colonial masters.

What is the concept of indigenous education?

1. The term used to describe the knowledge systems developed by a community as opposed to the scientific knowledge that is generally referred to as ‘modern’ knowledge. Indigenous knowledge is the basis for local-level decision-making in many rural communities.

What are the aims of education philosophy?

Many aims have been proposed by philosophers and other educational theorists; they include the cultivation of curiosity and the disposition to inquire; the fostering of creativity; the production of knowledge and of knowledgeable students; the enhancement of understanding; the promotion of moral thinking, feeling, and …

What are the aims of education how are they helpful in the development of society?

Education is expected to foster social progress through four different but interrelated purposes: humanistic, through the development of individual and collective human virtues to their full extent; civic, by the enhancement of public life and active participation in a democratic society; economic, by providing …

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