What cloth is the most popular and best known of all African fabric?

What is the most popular and best selling fabric in the world?

Bed sheets, T-shirts, underwear and socks are usually made of cotton. Yarn used for knitting and crochet is made with cotton. As a fabric, cotton drapes well has great strength and is easy to dry-clean.

What is the most popular traditional Nigeria fabric?

More explicitly, ankara is a cotton fabric that is much liked for its vividly coloured patterns. They come in different designs and grades and are the most common fabrics you can find in almost every Nigerian fashion market. Furthermore, ankara are mostly sold in 12 yards or 6 yards.

Where did African patterns come from?

These are also clothes with deep meaning: often, fabrics have hidden messages. African wax prints actually came from the Netherlands. In the second half of the 19th century, fuelled by the industrial revolution and colonial expansion, new markets opened in the Dutch East Indies (now Indonesia) as well as Africa.

Why are African patterns important?

A major form of expression, African patterns are popular as a means of personal adornment and a medium of communication. These exquisite textiles give wearers and admirers insight into social, religious, and political African contexts in an abstract and approachable way.

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