What country is completely surrounded by Africa?

Which country has only one Neighbour?

The undisputed countries who share borders with only one other neighbor are Vatican City, the United Kingdom, Timor-Leste, South Korea, San Marino, Qatar, Monaco, Portugal, Papua New Guinea, The Gambia, Ireland, Haiti, Brunei, Canada, the Dominican Republic, and Denmark.

What is the largest exclave in the world?

Alaska, United States

The United States’ 49th state, Alaska is the world’s largest exclave — it is roughly one fifth the size of the rest of the country. A Russian colony from 1744 to 1867, when it was purchased by the US, Alaska was made a state in 1959.

Which landlocked country is contained by another country?

Only three countries in the world are completely landlocked by another country. Two of these, the Vatican City and San Marino, are landlocked by Italy. The third, Lesotho, is completely surrounded by South Africa.

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