What does Sarabi mean in African?

What does Nala mean in African?

In Swahili and other languages spoken in countries of Africa it means Queen, lion and successful woman. Another variant is Nala. This means ‘gift’ in Swahili.

What does Kovu mean in Africa?

Kovu Means “Scar

He also gains a scar over his eye from his mother, Zira, in The Lion King II: Simba’s Pride.

What does Pumbaa mean in African?

In Swahili, Pumbaa means to be foolish, silly, weak-minded, careless, negligent. Timon is one of the few characters whose name has no meaning in Swahili. Instead, Timon is a historical Greek name meaning “he who respects”.

Is Nala a human name?

Origin of Nala

Nala is an African girl’s name (especially of Tanszania), but as well a Hindu boy’s name.

What is Nala short for?


Acronym Definition
NALA National Adult Literacy Agency (Ireland)
NALA North America Latin America Films, LLC (est. 2005)
NALA Native American Leadership Alliance
NALA National Association of Language Advisers (UK)

What does Kiara mean in African?

In Swahili, the name Kiara means “princess.” Origin: Kiara is a name of both Italian and Irish origins. It also has Hindi and Swahili origins.

What does taka mean in Africa?

That’s because “taka” in Swahili translates to a few different things in English: want, which makes a lot of sense; as does desire. But most of the time, the word is used to mean either “dirt” or “garbage.” So Scar’s parents named one of their kids Taka – meaning “garbage” – and the other kid Mufasa – meaning “king.”

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What does King mean in African?

Here are some examples of African names meaning king: Oba – King. Eze – King. Malik – King. Kgosi – King or chief.

Is Lion King a Swahili?

It’s a language of South Africa, while all the characters’ names in “The Lion King” are in Swahili, a language of eastern and southeastern Africa. Some of the story’s elements also pull from Masai tradition, which has its own language.

What does Mufasa stand for?

“Mufasa means “king” in Swahili“. Google Translate, Kamusi Gold, africanlanguages.com, none contain the word “Mufasa” in Swahili. “Mfale” means “king” in Swahili. “Mufasa means “king” in the Manazoto language”.