What does Zuri mean in African?

Is Zuri an Ethiopian name?

Zuri: This Ethiopian name migrated to the female side when a zoo in Ohio used it for a female giraffe. This name has been on the rise ever since. … Zuri Ross was the name of the character in a Disney show “Jessie”.

What does the name Zuri mean in Arabic?

Zuri is Arabic/Muslim Girl name and meaning of this name is “Beautiful; White; Light”.

Is Zuri an Arabic name?

Zuri is Muslim name which means – Beautiful; White; Light.

Is Zuri a white name?

Meaning and origin of the French baby name Zuri.

Zuri F.

Meaning of Zuri: White and lovely.
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Is Zuri a pretty name?

The name Zuri is a girl’s name of African, Kiswahili origin meaning “good, beautiful”. … For either gender, Zuri is an attractive name with the usual Z-initial zest. Zuri Ross also is a character on the Disney show Jessie.

Is Zuri an Indian name?

Zuri is baby girl name mainly popular in Hindu religion and its main origin is Hindi. Zuri name meanings is Beautiful.

Is Zuri a common name?

Zuri is very new to the U.S. female naming charts, first appearing in 2010. This unusual and uncommon name has had barely enough time under her belt to demonstrate any significant staying power, but we will say this: who doesn’t consider their baby girl the most “beautiful” creature on earth?

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Can Zuri be a boy name?

Zuri Origin and Meaning

The name Zuri is a boy’s name of African, Kiswahili origin meaning “good, beautiful”.

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How do you pronounce the name Zuri?

Zira – the ‘Z’ says itself, the ‘i‘ is silent, the ‘r’ gives a sound much like a growl “grr”, the ‘a’ makes an “uh” sound.

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Pronunciation: Zeer-rah
Type of Name: Name
Origin: English