What is I am an African child all about?

What is the purpose of African child?

About the Day of the African Child

The DAC serves to commemorate these children and the brave action they took in defence of their right. The DAC thus celebrates the children of Africa and calls for a serious introspection and commitment towards addressing the numerous challenges facing children across the continent.

What are African children characteristics?

Among the traditional characteristics of African children are (a) the early maturity in self-discipline, (b) the aspiration for education, (c) respect for traditional values, (d) early search for identity, and (e) a wholesome spirit of cooperation and dependence on one another.

Is EKU McGred African?

Eku McGred, also known as George During, is a gifted musician, poet and songwriter who was born in Freetown, Sierra Leone. McGred travelled to England to pursue a degree in Electronics Technology, which he eventually graduated and owned an MSC in Engineering Business Management from Warwick University.

What is the moral lesson of the poem Africa?

What is the moral lesson of the poem Africa by David Diop? David Diop’s poem “Africa” reflects his hope for an independent African nation, and the problems brought to the continent by colonialism. Through this poem and other writings, Mr. Diop attempts to give a message of hope and resistance to the people of Africa.

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What is the message in the poem?

Meaning is the word referring comprehensively to the ideas expressed within the poem – the poem’s sense or message. When understanding poetry, we frequently use the words idea, theme, motif, and meaning. Usually, idea refers to a concept, principle, scheme, method, or plan.

Do you know other information about EKU McGred?

Eku McGred is a gifted musician, poet and songwriter with over 12years of service in the music ministry. He has worked alongside many churches, helping them train and develop their singers and musicians. He currently serves at a local parish of the Redeemed Christian Church of God in the UK.