What is the impact of desertification in Africa?

Why is desertification a problem in Africa?

It has been estimated that 319 million hectares of Africa are vulnerable to desertification hazards due to sand movement. … Deforestation exposes the soil to high temperatures which break down the organic matter, increase evaporation and make the soils vulnerable to erosion.

How can desertification affect humans?

Land degradation and desertification can affect human health through complex pathways. As land is degraded and deserts expand in some places, food production is reduced, water sources dry up and populations are pressured to move to more hospitable areas. … the spread of infectious diseases as populations migrate.

What are the social impacts of desertification?

People are forced to migrate, with many people – young men in particular, leaving to work in cities and towns. This puts pressure on already limited urban resources. Disputes occur over land between herdsmen and farmers. Food shortages lead to malnutrition and famine, eg in Ethiopia.

How does desertification affect the economy?

Desertification mostly affects rural households who are forced to depend on natural resources for their livelihoods. More so, drought and desertification lead to the migration of people to urban or other areas to engage in economic activities such as farming, grazing and fishing.

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What are the main causes of desertification?

‘Climatic variations’ and ‘Human activities’ can be regarded as the two main causes of desertification. removal of the natural vegetation cover(by taking too much fuel wood), agricultural activities in the vulnerable ecosystems of arid and semi-arid areas, which are thus strained beyond their capacity.

How does desertification affect wildlife?

When there are insufficient rains, the water bodies also become completely dry or slightly lower the level of water than average. The lands also turn bare, leaving nothing for the animals to feed. This causes devastating effects on the health of the animal and frequently results in death.

What is the main cause of deforestation in Africa today?

The conversion of forest land to agriculture, both subsistence and commercial, is by far the most common and most destructive cause of deforestation in Africa and other tropical regions.

What can humans do to prevent desertification?

Strategies to reduce desertification

  • Planting more trees – the roots of trees hold the soil together and help to reduce soil erosion from wind and rain.
  • Improving the quality of the soil – this can be managed by encouraging people to reduce the number of grazing animals they have and grow crops instead.

Where is desertification the worst?

The United Nations Convention (UNC) says that about six million Sahelian citizens would have to give up the desertified zones of sub-Saharan Africa for North Africa and Europe between 1997 and 2020. Lake Chad, located in the Sahel region, has been hit particularly hard by this phenomenon.

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