What is the least populated town in South Africa?

What is the least populated town?

According to the United States Census, when Rudy died, Monowi surpassed nearby Gross, Nebraska, (population: 2) to become the only incorporated town in the US with just one resident. Ever since, Eiler – and the town she runs – has become the subject of a lot of attention.

What is the smallest city in South Africa?

Cape Town, South Africa’s first city, is its oldest but smallest. It has such a wealth of attractions that it’s actually quite hard to make the most of them, even when you live here all year.

What’s the smallest town in Africa?

Port Victoria – The Smallest Capital in Africa | Nomadic Lives.

Which city is the cleanest in Africa?

Top 10 cleanest cities in Africa

  • Kigali, Rwanda. Kigali is Rwanda’s largest and most populous city. …
  • Port Louis, Mauritius. …
  • Cape Town, South Africa. …
  • Tunis, Tunisia. …
  • Windhoek, Namibia. …
  • Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. …
  • Gaborone, Botswana. …
  • Algiers, Algeria.

Which is the dirtiest city in Africa?

World air quality report

Rank City JAN
1 Bamako, Mali
2 Sebokeng, South Africa 23.1
3 Accra, Ghana 59.8
4 Vereeniging, South Africa 23.3
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