What is the main cause of deforestation in Africa Quizizz?

What is the main reason farming is unsuccessful in Africa Quizizz?

Although Africa is a large, diverse area, it has little fertile soil. Drought, disease, and insects threaten Africa’s crops.

What are the main causes of desertification in Africa select all that apply?

‘Climatic variations’ and ‘Human activities’ can be regarded as the two main causes of desertification. removal of the natural vegetation cover(by taking too much fuel wood), agricultural activities in the vulnerable ecosystems of arid and semi-arid areas, which are thus strained beyond their capacity.

Which describes the relationship between deforestation and poor soil in sub Saharan Africa?

Q. Which describes the relationship between deforestation and poor soil in Sub-Saharan Africa? … Deforestation means fewer people live in an area which leads to poor soil. Poor soil causes farmers to use slash and burn techniques to create fertile soil, which increases deforestation.

What would people in southern Africa be most affected by?

People of south Africa are most affected by Kalahari desert..

How can we prevent desertification?

Strategies to reduce desertification

  1. Planting more trees – the roots of trees hold the soil together and help to reduce soil erosion from wind and rain.
  2. Improving the quality of the soil – this can be managed by encouraging people to reduce the number of grazing animals they have and grow crops instead.
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How can desertification affect humans?

Land degradation and desertification can affect human health through complex pathways. As land is degraded and deserts expand in some places, food production is reduced, water sources dry up and populations are pressured to move to more hospitable areas. … the spread of infectious diseases as populations migrate.

Which country has the highest deforestation rate?

Highest average annual deforestation of primary forests, 2000-2005, by area. Tropical countries

1 Brazil -3,466,000
2 Indonesia -1,447,800
3 Mexico -395,000
4 Papua New Guinea -250,200
5 Peru -224,600