What is the setting of the African Child by Camara Laye?

What is the setting of African child?


The African Child is set in the Malinke society of Guinea – a society that largely believes in magic, miracles, and traditional ceremonies.

Where was Camara Laye born?

Why did Camara Laye write the dark child?

Camara Laye wrote The Dark Child while he was a student in France, to ease his homesickness by recalling his youth in West Africa.

What are the themes of African child?

This states that: “children are tomorrow’s nation builders and carry the hopes of the future”. This year the theme of the Day of the African Child is “Conflict and Crisis in Africa: Protecting all Children’s Rights“. The African continent has the youngest population in the world.

Who wrote the African child?

Who is the main character in the dark child?

Camara Laye

Laye is the main character and narrator who begins the story as a very small boy and ends as a man leaving his native country of Guinea to study in Paris. Laye comes from a respected family and is very intelligent from a young age. He excels in school and loves to do well.

Who is Konden Diara?

Konden Diara is a terrible bogeyman, a lion that eats little boys. Laye isn’t sure if Konden Diara is a man or an animal or maybe half-man, half-animal, but he is certainly afraid of it. Laye’s father asks if he is afraid and then tells him he must not be afraid, reminding his son that he, too, went…

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