What percentage of the South African population has access to smartphone devices?

How many people in South Africa have access to a smartphone?

Today about 20 to 22 million people in South Africa use a smartphone, which accounts for about one third of the country’s population. The overall number of mobile connections is much higher though with more than 90 million, as feature phones are still popular and widely used in the country and on the continent overall.

How many people have access to technology in South Africa?

As of January 2021, there were 38.13 million active internet users in South Africa. Among them, an overwhelming majority (over 36 million) also used mobile internet.

Digital population in South Africa as of January 2021 (in millions)

Characteristic Number of users in millions
Active internet users 38.13

What percentage of the total African population has a mobile phone?

By the end of 2018, there were 456 million unique mobile subscribers in Sub-Saharan Africa – an increase of 20 million over the previous year and representing a subscriber penetration rate of 44%. Around 239 million people, equivalent to 23% of the population, also use the mobile internet on a regular basis.

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How much of the population has access to a phone?

According to GSMA real-time intelligence data, today, there are 5.28 Billion people that have a mobile device in the world. This means that 66.92% of the world’s population has a mobile device. Back in 2017, the number of people with mobile devices was only 53% and breached the 5 billion mark.

How many people in Africa have a smartphone?

The World Bank and African Development Bank report there are 650 million mobile users in Africa, surpassing the number in the United States or Europe. In some African countries more people have access to a mobile phone than to clean water, a bank account or electricity, the agencies add.

What percentage of South Africans have access to internet?

South Africa online usage penetration 2017-2026

In 2021, 60.73 percent of the South African population were internet users.

What percentage of South Africans are on social media?

YouTube and Facebook followed closely, with a penetration rate of 92 percent and 87 percent, respectively. The number of WhatsApp users in South Africa is estimated to reach 28.6 million users by 2026.

Most used social media platforms in South Africa as of the 3rd quarter of 2020.

Characteristic Share of users

Why Does South Africa have a limited number of internet users?

The Internet in Africa is limited by a lower penetration rate when compared to the rest of the world. Measurable parameters such as the number of ISP subscriptions, overall number of hosts, IXP-traffic, and overall available bandwidth all indicate that Africa is far behind the “digital divide”.

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Which phone is the best in Africa?

TECNO topples Samsung as Africa’s top smartphone brand. African smartphone market was resilient in 2020.

How are phones being used in rural Africa?

Africa has the fastest-growing mobile phone market worldwide. … They are creating mobile phone applications for profitable and nonprofit ventures across the continent. Millions of Africans, for example, now use their mobile phones to transfer money, turn on water wells, learn soccer game scores and buy and sell goods.