What Sea is off the coast of South Africa?

Is there a sea between Africa and Europe?

Strait of Gibraltar, Atlantic Ocean/Mediterranean Sea. The Strait of Gibraltar is a narrow waterway separating the Atlantic Ocean (bottom left) from the Mediterranean Sea (top right). This 13-kilometer-wide waterway also separates Europe and Africa, with Spain and Gibraltar on the left and Morocco on the right.

Which province has the biggest coastal plain in South Africa?

The Western cape Province has the longest coastline 사 over 1 000 km ‡ of the four South African coastal provinces. It stretches from north of the Olifants River on the Atlantic Ocean coast, to the mouth of the Blaaukrantz River on the southeast coast.

What do the lowlands of South Africa consist of?

Lowland Fynbos and Renosterveld comprises all of the Dune Pioneer, Fynbos/Thicket Mosaic, Sand Plain Fynbos, Grassy Fynbos, Fynbos/Renosterveld Mosaic, Coastal Renosterveld, and two Inland Renosterveld (Waveren-Bokkeveld and Kannaland) BHUs.

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