What South African campaign encourages us to buy local products?

Why are South African consumers encouraged to buy locally produced goods instead of imported goods?

Buying locally manufactured products will ensure that the money spent by citizens stays in the country. It will also assist the country to realise its dream of growing the economy, safeguarding jobs and creating more jobs for those who are unemployed.

What are the aims of the Proudly South African campaign?

Background of the campaign. 12The goal of the Proudly South African campaign is to encourage economic transformation and growth in employment in South Africa, through the promotion of local companies, products and services (Irwin, 2004).

What is the Proudly South African campaign?

The Proudly South African campaign is intended to promote economic growth by inculcating in consumers the importance of buying South African products to create and save jobs.

Why is it important that South Africans support this campaign?

A marketing campaign will make people aware that by supporting what is Proudly South African they will be assured of excellence and will help stimulate job creation, economic growth, innovation and development. … With the Proudly South African campaign, companies can identify them- selves as such for everyone to see’.

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Why is it important to buy local products?

Purchasing more local food provides environmental benefits, as well: It Preserves Small Farm Land: When local farms are established, eating local protects farmland. … It Promotes Accountability: When food is raised and grown locally, the consumer better understands how and where their food is being produced.

What makes you a proud South African?

Being proudly South African means picking ourselves up, dusting ourselves off and heading forward instead of backward. It means recognising the good in our fellow countrymen and focusing on what’s important: growth and a happy lifestyle.

Proudly South African is a membership based organisation, and only companies that have been audited and approved are entitled to carry the logo, which is a sign that a product or service meets local content thresholds and above all, quality standards.