What three things link the trade in East Africa quizlet?

What 3 things were traded in Eastern Africa?

As trade intensified between Africa and Asia, prosperous city-states flourished along the eastern coast of Africa. These included Kilwa, Sofala, Mombasa, Malindi, and others. The city-states traded with inland kingdoms like Great Zimbabwe to obtain gold, ivory, and iron.

What were the three things that linked East African Swahili city-states?

As a consequence of long-distance trading routes crossing the Indian Ocean, the Swahili were influenced by Arabic, Persian, Indian, and Chinese cultures. During the 10th century, several city-states flourished along the Swahili Coast and adjacent islands, including Kilwa, Malindi, Gedi, Pate, Comoros, and Zanzibar.

What were three trade goods Indian city-states acquired from Swahili East Africa?

Finally, Swahili city-states also manufactured goods for both their own residents and for trade such as pottery, cloth, and highly decorated siwa, the typical brass trumpet of the region. Goods from Africa included: Precious metals – gold, iron, and copper. Ivory.

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How did trading States rise in East Africa?

How did trade lead to the rise of coastal city-states in East Africa? –sailors learned to take advantage of monsoon einds to help them move around Indian Ocean. trade network developed b/t Peria/Arabia/India/SE Asia, +East Africa. The coastal city-states grew wealthy + thriving.

What is the main problem facing trade in eastern Africa?

The challenges facing intra-regional trade include persistent trade disputes, inadequate value addition to the agricultural sector, which has affected export prices, NTBs and a restrictive trade regime that limits the capacity of manufacturers to enter the regional market for products that are produced from raw …

What were the major products associated with East Africa?

Agricultural products have always formed the greatest part of Tanzania’s exports. This said, the nature of the products has varied over time.


Exported Item Million US$
Coffee 137.8
Cotton 137.6
Cashew nuts 93.8
Minerals 50.4

Why did African trade routes shifted east?

Why did the African trade routes shift to the east several times? … it spread by conquest and through trade. What was the chief means of social and political organization in African stateless societies?

What city states grew as trading ports in East Africa and why were they successful?

What city states grew as trading ports in east Africa, and why were they successful? The City-States are Mogadishu, Mombasa, Zanzibar, Kilwa, Great Zimbabwe. They were successful as a part of the Indian Ocean Trading Network.

How did religion and trade affect the development of East Africa?

How did religion and trade affect the development of East Africa? Trade brought wealth and the Christian religion to Axum. East Africa’s trading cities also had a rich mix of people from many cultures. … As a result, East Africa became a mixed culture representing the influences of many societies.

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Why was trade so important for the cities on the Swahili coast of Africa?

The shallow coast was important as it provided seafood. Starting in the early 1st millennium CE, trade was crucial. Submerged river estuaries created natural harbors as well as the yearly monsoon winds helped trade. Later in the 1st millennium there was a huge migration of Bantu people.

What were some of the effects of the East African trade on different cultural groups?

East African trade had many effects on different cultural groups. East African trade created an entire new language when the Bantu-speaking people and the Arabs started interacting with one another. … East African trade also made many small towns bloom economically and made them very wealthy.