What’s the African word for king?

What African name means leader?

Kgosi – King or chief. Mandlenkosi – The influential royal leader. Ezana – The fourth-century African ruler. Mfalme – Swahili title for a ruler.

What is ruler in African language?

Swahili Translation. mtawala. More Swahili words for ruler. kiongozi noun. leader, guide, chief.

What name means queen in African?

Malika. An Arabic origin name, Malika is popular amongst the blacks across the globe! Malika means ‘queen. ‘

What African name means hope?

Raza: Of African origin and means ‘hope. ‘

What is the African name for warrior?

Gamba (African origin) meaning “warrior”, is one of the most popular African boy names.

What is the African name for strength?

Mandla. Male | Mandla is a popular Zulu name meaning “strength”. Pronounce it MAN-dhla.

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