When was French Equatorial Africa colonized?

What was French Equatorial Africa broken into?

French Equatorial Africa, or Afrique équatoriale française, was established in 1910. It was divided into four administrative divisions, Congo, Gabon, Oubangui-Chari, and Chad.

What countries were part of French Equatorial Africa?

It included the colonies of Middle Congo (the present-day Republic of the Congo), Gabon, Chad, and Oubangui-Chari (the present-day Central African Republic).

When was Congo part of French Equatorial Africa?

French Congo, French Congo Français, French possessions in Equatorial Africa from 1897 until 1910, when the colonies of Gabon, Middle Congo (Moyen-Congo), and Ubangi-Shari-Chad were federated under the name Afrique Équatoriale Française (AEF).

What is Ubangi Shari called now?

It was established on December 29, 1903, from the Upper Ubangi (Haut-Oubangui) and Upper Shari (Haut-Chari) territories of the French Congo; renamed the Central African Republic (CAR) on December 1, 1958; and received independence on August 13, 1960.

Did the French colonize Somalia?

“French Coast of the Somalis” Somali: Dhulka Soomaaliyeed ee Faransiiska) was a French colony in the Horn of Africa. It existed between 1884 and 1967.

French Somaliland.

French Somaliland Côte française des Somalis Dhulka Soomaaliyeed ee Faransiiska الساحل الصومالي الفرنسي وتوابعه
• 1884–1899 Léonce Lagarde
• 1966–1967 Louis Saget

Is French Equatorial Africa a country?

French Equatorial Africa (originally called French Congo) was officially established in 1910. … In 1959 the new republics formed a loose association called the Union of Central African Republics, and in 1960 they became fully independent republics within the French Community.

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What countries are in equatorial Africa?

Equatorial Africa is made up of Democratic Republic of Congo, Central African Republic, Republic of the Congo, Equatorial Guinea, Cameroon, and Gabon.