When was radio introduced to Africa?

Which country has the first radio broadcast?

It is generally recognized that the first radio transmission was made from a temporary station set up by Guglielmo Marconi in 1895 on the Isle of Wight. This followed on from pioneering work in the field by a number of people including Alessandro Volta, André-Marie Ampère, Georg Ohm and James Clerk Maxwell.

Which radio station is number one in Africa?

The IsiZulu language radio station Ukhozi FM continues to lead as the biggest station in the country, with an audience 7.5 million listeners – an increase of 200 000 listeners from the previous release.

It’s Official: SABC is home to the Top 10 Radio Stations in SA.

Station Audience
1 Ukhozi FM 7 504 000
2 Umhlobo Wenene FM 5 394 000
3 Metro FM 4 267 000
4 Lesedi FM 3 084 000

Which is the first radio station in Africa?

The first radio broadcasts in Sub-Saharan Africa were made in the early 1920s. The earliest recording of a radio broadcast was made in 1923 in South Africa. It was Mendelssohn’s “Auf Fluegeln des Gesanges.” Kenya had its own radio station in 1927, followed by Mozambique in 1933, and Senegal in 1939.

Why do we listen to radio?

People listen to radio because it makes them feel happier and more informed, with news and traffic updates, on-air personalities and the live nature of radio being key drivers for choosing radio over other forms of media, according to GfK’s latest Radio Insights research released today.

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