Where can I teach English in Africa?

Which African countries need English teachers?

If you are looking for paid work teaching English then head for Egypt, Morocco or South Africa. Each of these countries has private language schools that will hire native English speakers to teach well-off families and adults who want to improve their opportunities in the tourist sector or international business.

Which country in Africa pays teachers well?

This is how South Africa compares. When adjusted for cost of living (PPP), South Africa’s teachers earn on par with the likes of Japan and Turkey, not sitting too far below New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Which countries are in high demand for English teachers?

5 Countries That Need English Teachers

  • China. China is an industrial powerhouse and with one of the most resilient economies in the world, making China one of the most sought-after countries by foreigners, both for business and to make a living. …
  • Japan. …
  • Vietnam. …
  • Russia. …
  • UAE. …
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Does Africa need English teachers?

African schools or programs typically require that their teachers are native English speakers. Many employers are lenient with other qualifications, such as a TEFL certification and prior teaching experience. If you are planning to volunteer, you will only need to have native fluency in the language you are teaching.

Which country pays highest salary?

The highest number of salaries in the world is in the United States, where the average salary of people is $ 57138 or 37.85 lakh rupees per year.

What kind of teachers get paid the most?

15 highest-paying teaching jobs

  1. Library technician. National average salary: $16.12 per hour. …
  2. Special education teacher. National average salary: $17.00 per hour. …
  3. Elementary school teacher. …
  4. English as a second language teacher. …
  5. Health educator. …
  6. High school teacher. …
  7. Guidance counselor. …
  8. Learning and development coordinator.

What countries need teachers?

The teacher shortage is growing worldwide and many countries direly need teachers.

What Countries Need More Teachers?

Rank Country Teacher:Pupil Ratio (1:)
1 Tanzania 218.78
2 Solomon Islands 101.03
3 Sierra Leone 66.65
4 Cabo Verde 61.27

Can you teach in Africa without a degree?

The UK and Irish citizens can live and work in any EU country without visa restrictions, meaning unless specified by an employer a degree isn’t necessary. … If you’re not an EU citizen then it’s a lot more tricky to find work teaching in Europe – degree or no degree!

Are teachers needed in Africa?

Africa as a teaching destination does not attract as many teachers as South America or Asia, as it has far fewer international schools. However there is a desperate shortage of teachers in many parts of sub-Saharan Africa, so qualified teachers will find their skills are greatly appreciated.

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Can I teaching English in Morocco without a degree?

In order to teach English in Morocco, most teachers will require a bachelor’s degree or TEFL certification. Prior teaching experience is preferred, but not required.

Are English teachers in high demand?

English as a Second Language (ESL).

ESL educators are some of the most in demand teachers. … The demand for ESL teachers will only increase as more students from non-English-speaking homes enter school.

Which country is best for teachers?

Top 5 Countries to Use Your Teaching Degree

  1. Australia. Imagine spending your weekends with koalas and kangaroos while living and working in Australia. …
  2. New Zealand. …
  3. The United Arab Emirates. …
  4. Saudi Arabia. …
  5. The United Kingdom.

Does teaching English abroad pay well?

As a teacher abroad, it’s perfectly reasonable and attainable to earn a decent wage — in top-paying countries, this can be from $2,000 to over $6,000 per month! — depending on the country, region, experience, and qualifications. … The highest-paid ESL teaching jobs can often be found in these parts of the world.