Which bridge is the second longest bridge in Africa?

Which is the second longest bridge in Africa?

Top 10 longest bridges in Africa – Summary by length

Top 10 longest bridges in Africa by length
Rank Bridge Length
1 6th October Bridge (Egypt) 20,500 m
2 Third Mainland Bridge (Nigeria) 11,800 m
3 Suez Canal Bridge (Egypt) 3,900 m

Which bridge is longest in Africa?

Egypt’s 6th October Bridge is the longest bridge in Africa. Located in Cairo, the bridge is built along River Niles and measures 20.5km.

Which bridge is the strongest bridge in Africa?

River Niger Bridge

Niger Bridge
Material Steel
Total length 4,606 feet (1,404 m)
Longest span 600 feet (180 m)
Piers in water 7

What is the second longest bridge?

Second largest bridge on earth is Tianjin Grand Bridge, also part of Beijing–Shanghai High-Speed Railway. This viaduct bridge spans the distance of 113.7 km. Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is one of the largest bridges in the world.

Which bridge is the most expensive in Africa?

The Maputo-Catembe bridge, which now spans 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) in length, is the most expensive infrastructure built since the independence of Mozambique from Portugal in 1975, with a total cost of $785 million, 95 percent of which was financed by a line of credit from China.

Which bridge is the oldest in Nigeria?

Carter Bridge built in 1901 is one of three bridges connecting Lagos Island to the mainland, the other are the Third Mainland and Eko bridges. At the time of its construction, this was the only bridge connection between the mainland and Lagos Island.

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Carter Bridge
Locale Lagos, Nigeria
Toll No