Which countries in Africa do WaterAid work in?

What does WaterAid do in Africa?

We work together to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone in the entire south of the African continent. Without all three, people can’t live dignified, healthy lives. With all three, they can unlock their potential, break free from poverty, and change their lives for good.

Where is WaterAid located?

WaterAid is made up of member countries in Australia, Canada, India, Japan, Sweden, the United Kingdom and the United States. The member countries help to coordinate and fund operations across country programs in Africa, Asia, Central America and the Pacific.

Is WaterAid International?

Making change happen globally

WaterAid is an international not-for-profit federation, determined to make clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene normal for everyone everywhere within a generation.

How much is the CEO of WaterAid paid?

CEO compensation among charities in the United Kingdom

Charity CEO salary (£) Salary percentage (2 s.f.)
St Andrew’s Healthcare 433,000 0.21%
St. John Ambulance 140,000 0.015%
Wateraid 128,000 0.15%
Wellcome Trust 445,220 0.039%

What countries need WaterAid?

We change millions of lives every year, working in 28 countries to provide clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene. Our work is supported by offices in the UK, US, Australia, Sweden, Canada, Japan and India.

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How can we help the water in Africa?

Ways To Get Clean Water In Africa

  1. Set Up Rain Catchment Tanks. In areas that receive adequate rainwater, a rain catchment system can be an economical solution to water scarcity. …
  2. Protect Natural Springs. …
  3. Install Sand Dams. …
  4. Rehabilitate Old Wells. …
  5. Build New Wells.

How successful is WaterAid?

With many gifts matched by the UK Government, it’s enough to reach over 120,000 mums and their families with clean water. We’ve reached 27 million people with clean water, 27 million with decent toilets and 20 million people with good hygiene, and counting…

Who owns WaterAid?

David Kinnersley inspired the creation of WaterAid, now an international charity providing clean water and sanitation in developing countries. He understood the power of clean water to reduce disease, promote economic growth and help people out of extreme poverty.

Who started WaterAid?