Who controlled the Horn of Africa?

Who colonized the Horn of Africa?

In August 1940, after Rome had declared war against the Allies, the Italians marched north and occupied British Somaliland for seven months until dislodged by an Anglo-Ethiopian victory in the Horn of Africa.

Why is the Horn of Africa so dry?

The lowlands of the Horn are generally arid in spite of their proximity to the equator. This is because the winds of the tropical monsoons that give seasonal rains to the Sahel and the Sudan blow from the west.

What is the largest country in the Horn of Africa?

The Horn of Africa consists of the countries of Djibouti, Eritrea, Ethiopia, and Somalia. It covers approximately two million square kilometres (770,000 square miles), and is inhabited by roughly 115 million people (Ethiopia: 96.6 million, Somalia: 15.4 million, Eritrea: 6.4 million, and Djibouti: 0.81 million).

What is the Horn of Africa known for?

The main reason this area is important is that the Horn of Africa commands the Red Sea and the northwestern portion of the Indian Ocean. There are many good ports on both sides of the Horn.

Which is the oldest independent country in Africa?

Liberia, Africa’s Oldest Independent and Democratic Republic, Celebrates the 169th Anniversary of Its Independence.

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