Who is the current deputy minister of transport in South Africa?

Who is the new minister of the Department of Transport?

About Minister Daylin Gary Mitchell

Before his appointment, Minister Mitchell served as a Deputy Chief Whip for the Democratic Alliance in the Western Cape Provincial Parliament, a position he held since the legislature resumed its sittings in May 2019.

Who is the current Minister of Agriculture?


1 Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development – Mohammed Sabo Nanono (Kano)
18 Minister of State for Health – Adeleke Mamora (Lagos State)
19 Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment – Otunba Adeniyi Adebayo (Ekiti)
20 Minister of State Industry, Trade and Investment – Amb. Maryam Katagum (Bauchi State)

How do I contact the Minister of Transport?

Contact Us

  1. General Enquiries. 021 483 2200. Fax: 021 483 2217. Email: Tpw.Ministry@westerncape.gov.za.
  2. Head of Office. Telephone: 021 483 8067. Fax: 021 483 2217. Email: …
  3. Media Liaison Officer. Telephone: 021 483 8954. Fax: 021 483 8954. Email: …
  4. Private Secretary. Telephone: 021 483 2430. Fax: 021 483 2217. Email:

What is the structure of the Department of Transportation?

The DOT|TRCC has an Executive Committee, a Full Committee, a Working Group, and topical subcommittees as needed. The Executive Committee meets as needed to set policy, coordinate modal programs, review DOT|TRCC project activities, and approve the Full Committee activities.

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Who is the Minister of Department of Social Development?