Who was known of the 3cs Christianity Commerce and Civilisation during his exploration of Africa?

What did Livingstone discover in Africa?

In 1855, Livingstone discovered a spectacular waterfall which he named ‘Victoria Falls’. He reached the mouth of the Zambezi on the Indian Ocean in May 1856, becoming the first European to cross the width of southern Africa.

Where is Livingstone’s heart buried?

His heart is literally in Africa

David Livingstone died from dysentery and malaria on 1 May 1873, at the age of 60, in Chief Chitambo’s Village in North Rhodesia (now Zambia). His heart is buried in Africa, under a Mvula tree (now the site of the Livingstone Memorial), but his remains are buried at Westminster Abbey.

Where did the quote Dr Livingstone I presume come from?

Evening Lecture/Seminar. “Doctor Livingstone, I presume?” is the now-famous greeting spoken on the shores of Lake Tanganyika in November 1871 by Welsh-American journalist and explorer Henry M. Stanley.

Who assigned Stanley to find Livingstone in Africa?

James Gordon Bennett, Jr., editor of the New York Herald, decided to capitalize on the public’s craze for news of the explorer. He sent Stanley to lead an expedition into the African wilderness to find Livingstone or bring back proof of his death. At age 28, Stanley had his own fascinating past.

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What was the aim of David Livingstone’s third journey?

In March 1858 Livingstone embarked upon a government-backed expedition to introduce commerce, civilization, and Christianity to the lands of Zambezi River and Lake Malawi. The expedition vastly increased geographical knowledge but was otherwise a disaster.

What was the aim of David Livingstone’s second journey?

Determined to devote himself to what he called his ‘spiritual calling’, to abolish slavery, and to explore and develop the region, the expedition lasted from March 1858 until the middle of 1864.

What is the meaning Livingstone?

noun. David, 1813–73, Scottish missionary and explorer in Africa. a town in and headquarters of Southern Province, SW Zambia, on the Zambesi River, near Victoria Falls: the former capital.