You asked: Can I use my South African drivers Licence in Mauritius?

Is a South African drivers license International?

“For any traveller who intends driving in a foreign country it is an imperative to apply for your International Drivers Permit (IDP),” according to the South African Automobile Association. South Africans can obtain an IDP at an AA office closest to them for the country they intend travelling to.

Do drivers licenses work internationally?

You can drive in NSW on a current overseas licence for a maximum of three months. Then you will need to apply for a NSW licence to continue driving or riding. “If you do not hold permanent Australian residency, but will be in NSW for more than 3 months, you can apply for a Temporary Overseas Visitor licence.

Can foreigners drive in Mauritius?

Driver’s license

Foreigners with a driving license issued by a competent authority in their respective countries are allowed to drive during their stay in Mauritius. Before you arrive to Mauritius make sure to check if your country has signed a convention with Mauritius regarding your country’s driver’s license.

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How do I get a driver’s license in Mauritius?

Application for a provisional driving licence can be made either at Police Stations or on-line. An applicant for a provisional driving licence can simply apply online through the Government Online Centre (GOC) at

Can you use a South African drivers license in Europe?

Some countries do not recognise your national SA driver’s licence, but officially recognise an International Driving Permit (IDP). … Other countries might honour your valid driver’s licence but require a local language translation from either an embassy or consulate.

Can a Zimbabwean get a South African drivers license?

People with Zim licences are permitted to drive in South Africa… Only if a person has been given permanent residency they then get a South African licence.

How much does an international driving Licence cost?

You can get an IDP over the counter at the Post Office. They cost £5.50 and you must: live in Great Britain or Northern Ireland.

Is it easy to drive in Mauritius?

Is it easy to drive in Mauritius? The traffic is quite facilitated thanks to new infrastructure and a good maintenance from the local authorities. However, business centers and administrative areas are overcrowded during peak hours, especially in Ebène, Quatre-Bornes, Rose-Hill and Port-Louis.

Do I need an International Driving Permit for Mauritius?

Mauritius is a country that recognizes the Geneva Road Traffic Convention of 1949 and the law stipulates: “Any person holding a valid International Driving Permit or Driving Licence issued by a competent foreign authority shall not be required to pass a test.

What is the driving age in Mauritius?


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State Minimum driving age
Mauritius 15 (autocycles), 17 (motorcycles), 18 (cars)
Mayotte 18
Morocco 17(Motorcycles) 18(Cars) 21(Trucks)[4]
Mozambique 18

How can I pass my driving test in Mauritius?

Tips for Driving Test

  1. COCKPIT CHECKS. These checks may be simple but they are essential, make sure you do all these checks in the right order before starting the engine. …
  5. SIGNALS. …
  7. USE OF SPEED. …

What do I need to bring to my driving test Mauritius?

Required Documents[edit]

  • National Identity Card (original)
  • Valid domestic driving licence.
  • One recent passport size photograph.