You asked: Which was the first wine route in South Africa?


How many wine routes are there in South Africa?

There are currently 17 ‘official’ South African wine routes constituted by geographical wine-growing location, as well as several special interest wine routes such as the Cape 62 wine route, believed to be the longest in the world, and the Green Mountain Eco route – the world’s first biodiverse wine route.

What is the oldest winery in the world?

The oldest-known winery was discovered in the “Areni-1” cave in Vayots Dzor, Armenia. Dated to c. 4100 BC, the site contained a wine press, fermentation vats, jars, and cups.

What is Garden Route South Africa?

The Garden Route is a 300-kilometer-long coastal route that runs around South Africa’s southern coast, starting in Storms River in the Eastern Cape province and ending in Mossel Bay in the Western Cape province. … The route’s main draw is a blend of a rough coast, lush forests, and mountains, rather than gardens.

How many wine farms are in Stellenbosch?

130 Wine Estates in the Stellenbosch Valley.

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