You asked: Who owns the Fibre lines in South Africa?

Who owns the Fibre optic cables?

There are two main fibre optic networks in the UK – the Openreach network, used by most big-name providers, and Virgin Media’s own cable network. The Openreach website has a page dedicated to its fibre broadband roll-out plans.

Who is responsible for fibre broadband?

There are three types of broadband provider. Openreach is the biggest digital infrastructure provider in the UK. It is a separate division of BT and is responsible for installing and maintaining the UK’s main telecoms network infrastructure.

Does Vodacom own Telkom?

Vodacom Group Limited (operating as Vodacom) is a South African mobile communications company, providing voice, messaging, data and converged services to over 55 million customers.


Type Public
Industry Telecommunications
Founded 1994
Founders Telkom South Africa: Alan Knott-Craig (Senior)
Headquarters Midrand

Who are the fibre providers in South Africa?

The table below provides the customer satisfaction scores and network speeds of prominent South African ISPs.

Best and worst ISPs in South Africa.

South African ISP Rankings
ISP Customer Satisfaction Rating
Vodacom 68.5%
HeroTel 68.0%
Telkom 65.1%
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How does fiber-optic connected to your house?

Fiber-optic is delivered via a cable, either from underground or an aerial power pole, that goes right into your house. … That includes your Optical Network Terminal (ONT), which converts the optical signal coming through the fiber into signals for your router and from your router to any extenders, if necessary.

How do you know if you have fibre broadband?

An easy way to find out if you can get fibre optic broadband where you live is to use our fibre broadband checker. All you’ll need to enter is your postcode, and we’ll tell you if you can get fibre in your area.

How long does fibre installation take?

A typical fibre install to a single dwelling would usually take around 4 hours. First, they need to “scope” the install method – which just means they’ll discuss and agree with you the best way to get the fibre from your property boundary to inside your home, and where the ONT will be installed.

Do I need a new router for fibre?

Will I need a new router? Yes. A wireless fibre router is available with all fibre packages. … Be aware that many providers lock routers to their network so you may not be able to use it.

Which is the cheapest cell phone network in South Africa?

Top 10 Cheapest Data Bundles in South Africa (10GB Comparison)

  • Vodacom. Vodacom is one of the favorites in data in South Africa. …
  • Telkom. Telkom is one of the most popular mobile network providers with the cheapest data bundles in South Africa; they provide a robust package indeed. …
  • Rain. …
  • MTN. …
  • Cell C. …
  • Afrihost. …
  • Web Africa. …
  • Axess.
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What is the fastest WIFI in South Africa?

Fastest Internet Providers in South Africa

  • Afrihost – 35.79.
  • Webafrica – 34.21.
  • Vox Telecom – 32.63.
  • Axxess – 30.02.
  • MWEB – 26.87.
  • Rain – 24.35.
  • Telkom – 20.04.
  • HeroTel – 14.76.

What is the best Fibre deal in South Africa?


  • 25 Mbps at R499.
  • 100/50 Mbps at R889.
  • 500 Mbps at R1,279.
  • 50/25Mbps at R739.
  • 200/100Mbps at R1,049.