Frequent question: How much does Ghana Immigration Service pay Wassce recruit?

How much is an immigration officer paid in Ghana?

How much does an Immigration Officer in Ghana make? The highest salary for an Immigration Officer in Ghana is GHS 250 per month. The lowest salary for an Immigration Officer in Ghana is GHS 250 per month.

How long does Ghana Immigration training last?

Ghana Immigration Service Training takes a maximum period of 18 months for regular career course (RCC) officer cadets and 6 months for the short service and special duties commission (SSC/SD) officer cadets.

What is the salary of a Ghanaian soldier?

But with information reaching us from a reliable source, the least ranking officer of the Ghana Army earns about GHC1000 monthly. This does not include bonuses and allowance. Every Ghanaian Soldier is entitled to allowances and bonuses. The higher the rank, the higher the bonus taken home.

How much is Ghana Police salary?

Salary range for the majority of workers in Police officers – from GH₵589.51 to GH₵2,412.31 per month – 2021. Police officers maintain law and order, patrolling public areas, enforcing laws and regulations and arresting suspected offenders.

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What is the salary of an immigration officer?

The average salary for a immigration officer is $82,564 per year in the United States.

What is the monthly salary of Ghana Immigration Service?

The average salary of Ghana Immigration Service is GHS 700.00 – GHS 3,336 per month.

What are the qualifications for Ghana Immigration Service?


  • Must be a Ghanaian citizen by birth with no criminal record.
  • Must possess a first Degree from an accredited University.
  • Must have completed National Service.
  • Must be of a minimum age of 21years and not more than 35 years by 31st December, 2021.
  • Must be physically and medically fit.

Is Ghana Police Form 2020 out?

No, the Ghana police 2021/2022 recruitment form is not yet out.

Is Ghana Police form 2021 to 2022?

The application for the Ghana Police Recruitment 2021-2022 has been announced. The mode of application is done only online and receiving of applications starts from 30th August 2021 to 10th September 2021.

Does Ghana Immigration Service use guns?

“We recently passed some legislation which now allows the Ghana Immigration Service to possess firearms and particularly the Border Patrol Unit of the service is now allowed to carry firearms at the various border crossings,” he disclosed.