Frequent question: How much oil is in Kenya?

How much oil is there in Kenya?

Tullow Oil estimates that Kenya’s Turkana fields hold 560 million barrels of oil and expects them to produce up to 100,000 barrels per day from 2022. London-based Tullow said it and its partners had to date invested $2 billion in Kenya.

How many barrels of oil does Kenya have?

Summary Table

Barrels per Day Global Rank
Oil Production 824 107th in the world
Oil Consumption 114,000 75th in the world
Daily Deficit -113,176
Oil Imports 2,164

Does Kenya have a lot of oil?

In 2012 oil was discovered in Kenya. As of May 2016, proven reserves were estimated at 766 million barrels. This puts Kenya ahead of Uzbekistan in the global rankings. Tullow Oil, one of the companies prospecting for oil in the country, is of the opinion that the national reserves are in excess of 1 billion barrels.

Does Kenya have oil and gas?

Kenya has four (4) petroleum exploration basin and these are: Lamu Basin, Anza Basin, Mandera Basin and Tertiary Rift Basin. Oil and gas exploration in the country began in 1956 and the breakthrough came in March 2012 with the discovery well –Ngamia 1 Well, in Lokichar Basin in Turkana County.

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Where does Kenya get its oil?

The east African nation is currently producing 2,000 barrels of oil daily from its oil fields in Lokichar basin in northwest Kenya. Muriuki said that oil is being transported by road to the port of Mombasa under the Early Oil Pilot Scheme (EOPS) which seeks to ascertain the demand for Kenya’s oil in the global markets.

Which country does Kenya import oil from?

Saudi Arabia has overtaken the United Arab Emirates (UAE) as the leading source of Kenya’s oil imports. Data from Kenya National Bureau of Statistics (KNBS) shows that imports of petroleum products from Saudi Arabia last year increased by 61 per cent to Sh132.

Does Kenya import or export oil?

The government announced in February 2019 that the country will not construct a local refinery to process crude oil from the Turkana oil fields, opting instead to export all its crude while continuing to import refined petroleum for domestic use.

Is there oil in Lamu?

Kenya has four petroleum exploration basins including Lamu. The others are Anza, Mandera and Tertiary Rift Basin. There are 63 gazetted petroleum blocks within these larger basins, 26 of which are currently licensed to 14 international oil companies while one is licensed to the National Oil Company.

Does Kenya buy electricity from Uganda?

Kenya’s electricity imports from Uganda have grown 281 per cent in the six months to June as drought cut local generation of hydro-electric power by a third or 615.69 million kilowatt hours. … Kenya has a direct electricity transmission line connecting with Uganda via Tororo, enabling bulk power imports.

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Does Kenya drill oil?

Oil and Gas Exploration History in Kenya

To date, over 86 wells have been drilled with a majority within the Tertiary Rift. An estimate of over 4 billion barrels of crude oil reserves have been encountered in the Lokichar sub-basin by Tullow Plc and its partners, with recovery oil estimated to be 750 million barrels.