How do I drive in Zimbabwe?

How do I get a driver’s license in Zimbabwe?

It all starts with a learner’s license

Before one can obtain a valid Zimbabwe driver’s license, he/she should first own a learner’s license. A learner’s license can be obtained from the Vehicle Inspection Department (VID) after passing a 25 multiple choice test paper on driving which is written under 8 minutes.

How much does it cost to get a drivers license in Zimbabwe?

(7) A person applying in terms of section 19(1) of the Act to the Registrar for a driver’s licence shall transmit with his or her application, a fee of eight thousand three hundred Zimbabwean dollars (ZWL$8 300,00).”.

Can I drive in Zimbabwe with a South African licence?

Therefore as long as the licence is valid it may be used to drive and if you obtain or resume permanent residence in South Africa then you have to exchange your driving licence for a SA driving licence within 1 year of this date.

What age can you drive in Zimbabwe?

You only have to be 16 to drive in Zimbabwe but for hiring a car you’ll need to be a minimum of 21 in some cases 23. Under 25 years old you’ll have to pay a young drivers’ excess.

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How do I get an international driver’s license in Zimbabwe?

An International Driving Permit is a translation of your national driving license. The IDP allows motorists to drive vehicles in foreign countries. You must always have your IDP along with your national license at all times. To get an International Driving Permit in Zimbabwe, visit AA Zimbabwe.

How much is defensive driving course in Zimbabwe?

A defensive driving course takes two days to complete. It costs $190 ZWL. All forms of payments are accepted. Visit any of our Traffic Safety Council Of Zimbabwe offices around the country and register.

What are the requirements for an International Drivers License?

The following documents are required to obtain an International Driving License:

  • Your Emirates ID.
  • A copy of a valid UAE driving license.
  • Two photos (passport photos)

How long is a defensive driving course certificate valid for in Zimbabwe?

One needs to go to the Traffic Safety Council of Zimbabwe (TSCZ) to obtain a Defensive driving license 2. Every person with a valid driver’s license is eligible to be trained 3. The expiry period is 48months.

What is a heavy vehicle in Zimbabwe?

Class 2: Heavy Vehicle (Goods) This class focuses on heavy vehicles with a vehicle weight of more than 2300 Kg. To qualify for this class one must be at least 18 years of age and be either a holder of a Class 4 Driver’s licence or attain at least 88% on the Provisional Test.