How many universal banks do we have in Ghana?

How many universal banks are there in Ghana?

The total number of banks currently operating as universal banks in Ghana stands at twenty-three (23).

What are universal banks in Ghana?

Universal banking

  • Odotobri Rural Bank Limited – Head Office. Post Office Box 9, Jacobu Ashanti. …
  • Juaben Rural Bank Ltd. Roman Hill, Kumasi. …
  • Express Savings & Loans Co. Ltd. …
  • Nwabiagya Rural Bank Ltd. Abuakwa, Kumasi. …
  • Stanbic Bank Gh. Ltd. …
  • Adansi Rural Bank Ltd. …
  • Akim Bosome Rural Bank Ltd. …
  • Asokore Rural Bank.

How many banks were consolidated in Ghana?

Consolidated Bank began operations with 148 branches in nine regions of Ghana. These were all branches of the five defunct banks the Bank of Ghana took over. By October 2019, the number of branches had been rationalized to 114.

Which bank in Ghana gives the highest interest?

For agriculture, NIB and Republic Bank offered the highest interest rate of 34.8% and 33.5 – 34.2% respectively, while NIB, again, and CAL Bank offered the expensive loans at rates of 29.5 – 34.3% and 29%, respectively in the agriculture and manufacturing sectors.

How many banks are in Ghana as at 2020?

How Many Banks Are in Ghana 2020? Ghana’s banking and finance industry consists of 28 private banks. The Bank of Ghana serves as the country’s central monetary authority. There are 23 commercial banks in Ghana, 4 Banks with representative offices only, and 1 other banks in Ghana as at March 2020.

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What is a universal banking license?

Universal banking is a system in which banks provide a wide variety of comprehensive financial services, including those tailored to retail, commercial, and investment services. Universal banking is common in some European countries, including Switzerland.

What is the interest rate on Treasury bills in Ghana?

Ghana: Markets

Reference Last
Stock Market Index 30 Sep 2021 2,855
Money Market Rate Jun 2021 12.88
Treasury Bills (over 31 days) Jun 2021 12.26
Lending Rate May 2017 22.5

Which banks were consolidated?

These banks were Beige Bank, Sovereign Bank, Construction Bank, Royal Bank, and UniBank. This merger led to the formation of the Consolidated Bank Ghana.