Quick Answer: How do I register a university in Nigeria?

How do I register for university in Nigeria?


  1. Application, in writing, stating the intent for the establishment of the University (Step 1)
  2. Interview of Promoters to Ascertain their Seriousness (Step 2)
  3. Collection of Application Forms (step 3)
  4. Submission of Application Forms and Relevant Documents (step 4)

How can I register online university in Nigeria?

Visit the website of the institution and fill the available online degree form. Submit the form along with other required documents. You will be given a code to check your online status. If your application is accepted, the school will contact you, mostly via email regarding this.

How long is noun course?

Most NOUN academic disciplines are four years and can be run in a maximum of eight years.

Is noun registration still on?

The Noun admission form is always available but Noun Courses / Examinations registrations do closes. On that note, the Noun New Students Registration Portal will be closed on the 30th of September 2021.

Does Nigeria accept online degrees?

The Government of Nigera and many organizations do accept accredited online university degrees. Nigerian University Commission (NUC) is the body in charge of accreditation of universities to offer degrees (online and 0n-campus traditional learning) in Nigeria.

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How can I get noun admission in 2020?

[Official] NOUN 2020/2021 Admission Application Form Now on SALE

  1. APPLICATION FOR ADMISSION INTO NOUN. Visit the site http://www.nouonline.net/ On the Home Page, go to the Menu Bar, Click on Apply for Admission. …
  2. After payment. Perform step 1 to 3. Go to “Continue After Payment” …
  3. After filling form, Click “Submit”

Can I start my own university?

Before a college can start accepting students, it needs a degree-granting license. Each state has its own process, but usually you need to submit your university’s curriculum to a committee for review. … Without a license, you’re not allowed to advertise your school as a degree-granting institution.

Who can establish a university?

A college can be established by any Society/Trust/Company as per the norms specified by the State Government where the College is to be established. 11.

How much land is required for a university?

Not less than five acres of land at its main Campus if it is located in metropolitan area, seven acres of land at its main Campus, if it is located in non-metropolitan urban area, or ten acres of land at its main Campus, if it is located in non-urban areas or as per the norms of the Statutory / Regulatory body …