Quick Answer: Where is the largest forest reserve found in Cameroon?

Where is the largest forest reserve?

Amazon Rainforest, South America

The forest shares its location with 9 nations including Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, French Guiana (France), Guyana, Peru, Suriname, and Venezuela. Being the largest forest in the world, over people of 350 ethnicities reside within the Amazon Rainforest.

What is the largest game reserve in Cameroon?

The Dja Wildlife Reserve

With an area of around 526,000 ha, the Dja Wildlife and Hunting Reserve was created on 26 June 1950 by decree No. 319 of the French High Commissioner for Cameroon.

Which is the 2nd largest forest in the world?

Facts. The Congo Basin makes up one of the most important wilderness areas left on Earth. At 500 million acres, it is larger than the state of Alaska and stands as the world’s second-largest tropical forest. A mosaic of rivers, forests, savannas, swamps and flooded forests, the Congo Basin is teeming with life.

What animals live in Faro National Park?

Faro National Park is a national park in Cameroon’s North Province. It covers an area of 3,300 km2 (1,300 sq mi) and is close to the Nigerian border, surrounded on the eastern side by several hunting reserves. It is home to cheetahs, black rhinoceros, elephants, and is known for its colonies of hippopotamuses.

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What is the name of the game reserve in northern Cameroon?

BOUBA NDJIDA National Park

Located in the northern region near the Chadian border, it was created in 1932 as a wildlife reserve and became a national park in 1968.