What is the largest city in Ghana?

Is Kumasi bigger than Accra?

The country is home to the world’s largest artificial lake or manmade reservoir by surface area, which covers 8,462 square kilometers (3,272 sq miles).

The Biggest Cities In Ghana.

Rank Biggest Cities in Ghana Population
1 Accra 2,291,352
2 Kumasi 2,069,350
3 Sekondi-Takoradi 445,205
4 Sunyani 248,496

Which city is the third largest city in Ghana?

List of settlements in Ghana by population

rank Settlement Region
1. Accra Greater Accra
2. Kumasi Ashanti
3. Tamale Northern
4. Sekondi-Takoradi Western

What is the cleanest city in Ghana?

The Member of Parliament for Salaga, Ibrahimah Mohammed Zuwera, has hailed the capital of Volta Region, Ho, as the cleanest city in Ghana at the moment.

What is the poorest region in Ghana?

Greater Accra Region

The highest incidence of poverty is observed in Shai Osudoku District (55.1%), followed by Ningo Prampram District (31.2%). The two districts also have higher poverty depth (23.2% for Shai Osudoku and 10.1% for Ningo Prampram) compared to the other districts.

Is Ghana a poor country?

Overall poverty in Ghana has declined and Ghana has positioned itself as one of the more developed nations in Sub-Saharan Africa. The proportion of Ghanaians described as poor in 2005/06 was 28.5%, falling from 39.5% in 1998/99. Those described as extremely poor declined from 26.8% to 18.2%.

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What is the nicest city in Ghana?

Top 10 Most Beautiful Towns in Ghana

  • Kumasi. …
  • Akosombo. …
  • Koforidua. …
  • Tamale. …
  • Aburi. Aburi Botanical Gardens, Ghana | © PapJeff/Flickr. …
  • Nzulenzu. Sunset in the Nzulenzu village, Ghana | © Michael Kreß …
  • Kokrobite. Kokrobite Beach, Ghana | © Marc Knepper/Flickr. …
  • Busua. Surfers at the Busua Beach | © SyrianSindibad/Flickr.

What is Ghana famous for?

Gold, cocoa and more recently oil form the cornerstone of Ghana’s economy and have helped fuel an economic boom. The country is named after the great medieval trading empire that was located northwest of the modern-day state until its demise in the 13th century.