What was the importance of the city of pelusium in the history of brewing in ancient Egypt?

How important was beer and brewing in ancient Egyptian society?

Beer was among the many gifts of the gods granted to humanity in the early days of the world. According to the myth, the god Osiris himself gave humanity the gifts of culture and taught them the art of agriculture; at this same time, he also instructed them in the craft of brewing beer.

Where was pelusium in Egypt?

Pelusium, Greek Pelousion, ancient Egyptian city on the easternmost mouth of the Nile River (long silted up). The Egyptians likely called it Saʾinu and also Per-Amon (House of Amon), whence perhaps the site’s modern name, Tell Farama. It lies about 20 miles (32 km) southeast of Port Said, in the Sinai Peninsula.

What is the meaning of pelusium?

pelusium. The Greek name of an ancient Egyptian city situated on the northeastern angle of the Delta, and important as the key of Egypt on the Asiatic side. Pelusium is called Sin in the Old Testament.

How do you pronounce pelusium?


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