Who gave Ethiopia its first constitution?

Who gave Ethiopia first constitution?

Despite the resurrection of the parliament, Haile Selassie promulgated a number of laws in the form of proclamations and decrees. It was not until his proclamation 34/1943 that the authority of the parliament was included.

Who wrote the 1955 Ethiopian constitution?

The new constitution consisted of eight chapters and 131 articles. This document was drawn up by three American advisors—A.H. Garretson, John Spencer, and Edgar Burlington—who worked with two leading figures of the restored monarchy, Wolde Giyorgis Wolde Yohannes and Aklilu Habte-Wold.

What is the Ethiopian constitution?

The Constitution is the supreme law of the land. Any law, customary practice or a decision of an organ of state or a public official which contravenes this Constitution shall be of no effect. … All international agreements ratified by Ethiopia are an integral part of the law of the land.

What is the basic principle of Ethiopian constitution?

(1) Human rights and freedoms, emanating from the nature of ankind, are inviolable and inalienable. (2) Human and democratic rights of citizens and peoples shall be respected. (1) State and religion are separate. (2) There shall be no state religion.

Why the Emperor revised the 1955 constitution?

Finally, in 1955 he proclaimed a revised constitution. Apparently, he sought to provide a formal basis for his efforts at centralization and to attract the loyalty of those who gained their livelihood from relatively modern economic activities or who were better educated than most Ethiopians.

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Is Ethiopian constitution rigid or flexible?

Ethiopia’s is a rigid constitution. The mode of amendment is complex.

What is un written constitution?

: a constitution not embodied in a single document but based chiefly on custom and precedent as expressed in statutes and judicial decisions.