Your question: What is the name of Nigerian Inspector General of Police?

What are the other name of Inspector General of Police?

The act created a new cadre of police, called Superior Police Services, later known as the Indian Imperial Police. The highest rank in the service was the Inspector General. Currently, in modern India, an Inspector General of Police (IGP) is only an officer from Indian Police Service.

Who is first Ig in Nigeria?

The Inspector General of Police, abbreviated as IGP is the head of the Nigeria Police Force. He is the most senior officer in the police service. The pioneer IGP is Louis Edet and the current IGP is Usman Alkali Baba.

Inspector General of Police (Nigeria)

Inspector General of Police of Nigeria Police Force
Website Official Website of NPF

Who was the first Nigerian female psychiatrist?

Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi

Chief Elizabeth Abimbola Awoliyi MBE, OFR
Nationality Nigerian
Alma mater Queen’s College, Lagos University of Dublin
Occupation Physician
Known for First woman to practise medicine in Nigeria Empowerment of women in Nigeria

Who is higher DIG or DGP?

For the unversed, the biggest post in the police administration is that of the Director-General of Police (DGP). A DGP is the head of the police of the whole state. Meanwhile, the Deputy Inspector General of Police i.e. DIG is the second number officer in the police of a zone.

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What is the current salary of Nigeria police?

Salary structure

S/NO Ranks Monthly Salary
b Police Constable Grade Level 10 ₦49,113.59
3a Police Corporal on Grade Level 04 (1) ₦44,715.53
b Police Corporal on Grade Level 04 (10) ₦51,113.59
4a Police Sergeant on Grade Level 05 (1) ₦48,540.88

Who is Abba Kyari in Nigeria?

Abba Alhaji Kyari (born 17 March 1975) is a Nigerian police officer who is a Deputy Commissioner of Police (Nigeria) currently on suspension and relieved from all police duties pending the outcome of an internal investigation into his alleged connection with Gucci King, popular fraudster Ramon Abbas “Hushpuppi”.

Who was the first female psychiatric?

Helen Boyle

Dr Helen Boyle
Born Alice Helen Anne Boyle 1869 Dublin, Ireland
Died 1957 (aged 87–88) Pyecombe, West Sussex, England
Alma mater London School of Medicine for Women
Occupation psychiatrist general practitioner

Who is the first female governor in Nigeria?

Virginia Etiaba. Dame Virginia Ngozi Etiaba, CON (born 11 November 1942) was the Governor of Anambra State, a state in south-east Nigeria, from November 2006 to February 2007. She is the first female governor in Nigeria’s history.